Deep Water Vineyard: The Only Winery in Charleston

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In this episode of Living Social, we are just south of Charleston at Deep Water Vineyard. This is not your average vineyard…follow my tour to find out why!

I spoke with Andrea. Andrea and her husband own the vineyard. It is the only vineyard in Charleston county! Andrea took over the vineyard in 2011, but it was first planted in 2001.

The vineyard is 11.5 acres of muscadine grapes. Muscadine is one of the only truly native grapes to the US. The Deep Water team wanted to remain true to their southern roots so they chose to focus on muscadine.

To ensure they were able to have something for everyone, they partnered with a vineyard in California to offer a variety of more common wines like chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon.

Their wines are sweet but have less sugar, which means they are healthier! They also do fruit wines like strawberry and cranberry. They even do a jalapeno wine which Andrea recommends for a bloody mary.

The property covers 50 acres and you can walk 7 miles around just the vineyards! You can treat yourself to some wine and get some exercise at Deep Water. They also have food, wine tasting, and a fabulous gift shop.

If you want to help pick the grapes, check out their website.

I think this place is amazing! The rows of grapes and all the grapevines are so fun and scenic. Deep Water Vineyard is only 30 minutes outside of Charleston so you can come visit with friends and family.

If you have any questions about Deep Water or want to be highlighted on an upcoming feature, contact me today!