Need to Take a Break?

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I think we can all agree that life gets pretty stressful sometimes. Usually a good work out or a nice relaxing bath can do the trick, but other times, that’s just not gonna cut it. For a real break, you need to head over to The Break Room at 1947 Belgrade Ave in Charleston, South Carolina. This place will leave you exhausted and relieved!

The Break Room is a place that helps you face your struggles and assists in processing negative thoughts and emotions in a fun and constructive way. You can release anger in a healthy and safe way! You just show up, gear up, and have at it! Let’s admit it, breaking things is fun, especially when you don’t get in trouble for it. I know I’ve definitely seen it being done in movies and thought, “wow, I would love to do that!” Now we can!

Every guest is provided with head to toe safety equipment, all you need to bring is your closed toed shoes! After you arrive and gear up you’ll sit through a safety briefing so that no one gets hurt and it remains all fun and games. Then you pick your tool of choice and head on into the room. Each room is equipped with a bluetooth speaker and there are also add-ons available to accompany your package. This is the perfect place to go to with your best friends! Or, your worst enemies…

After you’ve smashed everything up, with or without a photo of your ex, The Break Room recycles and repurposes all of the glass responsibly, so you can wreck everything guilt free! Other than it being a great time and awesome way to get some cardio in, The Break Room can be thought of as hands on anger therapy. But the fun kind! While they don’t guarantee it will make you a more patient person, they do guarantee you'll feel better leaving than when you walked in. Sounds good to me!

Feel the therapeutic feeling of breaking something, the best part being, it’s not your own. They have multiple packages and a wide range of choices to choose from. Some of the packages include 1 Medium Electronic, One Furnishing, AND 2 Bucket-O’-Bottles for your smashing purposes. You can reserve your time slot and sign the necessary waiver on their website at Go book today! It’s all the rage!