Try The Daniel Island Ferry For A Fun Commute

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On this episode of Living Social we are going on an adventure!

 Do you ever feel like going out but aren’t in the mood to drive our deal with traffic? Well then come take a ride with my friends and me! We are going to take the Daniel Island Ferry from the pier on River Landing Drive near the Children’s Park all the way to downtown Charleston.

The Daniel Island Ferry is a fun way to get all of your friends from one point to another without the stress of driving or booking a car. I spoke with Colby to learn more about the service.

Colby’s partners had been running the Charleston Water Taxi for over a decade. They had the idea to expand to Daniel Island. Colby is a Daniel Island resident, so he knew his way around which is why they brought him on.

Daniel Island Ferry currently has two boats and are about to expand their fleet just for the Daniel Island service. By September, they plan to have a commuter service with two shuttles in the morning and two in the evening. This commuter ferry will operate five days a week.

Right now, you can take the Daniel Island Ferry on Thursdays and Fridays. Once they have additional boats, they will begin running on Saturdays as well. Based on demand, the schedule will fluctuate over the winter.

The new boat will be all weather and can hold 49 passengers. It is covered and can keep on going all winter long. The ferry they currently use is Coast Guard certified for 42 passengers. Plenty of room for friends and family to join along!

On board, they offer beverages including beer, wine, and sodas. Starting in the fall, they are partnering with Dockery’s to offer catering. The new boat will even offer upscale dining if you are interested in hiring it for an event.

Thanks for joining me again! If you have any questions about the Charleston real estate market or want to have your business features, contact me today.